Andrés Pardo Rodríguez (1985) is an artist, designer and digital media researcher based in Bogotá-Colombia. In 2014 he earn a M.A. in Arts and Culture and a M.Sc in Media Technology from Leiden University. He has a keen interest in the connection between Art and Media Technologies, and the impact the latter have on institutions like museums, libraries and education centres. His research activity focus on how and why Media Technologies are introduced in violent contexts, and how museums represent discourses regarding war. Pardo has presented his research in conferences and symposia, and he has been invited as a guest lecturer in different courses.

Pardo is passionate about photography, and he rarely leaves his camera behind when traveling and exploring. He enjoys reading about the history of photography, and he is savvy when it comes to technologies regarding the production of images. He enjoys web development, and has practical programming knowledge to solve web design issues.

On a more personal level, he is a nine time marathon finisher (New York, Lima, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, Berlin, Chicago, Boston and Oslo), and he is as well a finisher of the Cartagena Ironman 70.3.

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